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November 26, 2008



Why we r not taking any action against this Terrorist attack In mumbai?
Terrorist Using their Youth (+ve)Power for Wrong purpose...
Why we R Not using our power For right purpose?

They r trying To demoralize India..
But they dnt know what power is ?
WE have to show tht..
First we to Start from personal level
1)Election which R coming In few Days we have To Use Constitution 49-O if candidate in election are corrupt.
And Show Our poor Political society tht they dnt have any rights to destroy india?
we have to challege this Corrupt System

2)we have to ready for any sitution..
we have to b strong enough to fight with this Terrorist
To run away is not the sol

3)Our military is there to help us

plz take some decision

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None of one you mentioned,though there could have been some more vigilance in differentiating between common man and a terrorist,the inhuman attitude of the terrorists is the main one responsible.there are thousands of religion...

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We have the capability to assist the mumbai goverment without putting our milatary men under the gun. I feel we should offer our help but keep our men and women safe.

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The U.S. Justice Department announced today it is closing all of its investigations into the Central Intelligence Agency's controversial enhanced interrogation program without further legal action, except in the case of two incidents in which detainees perished. gibson guitar
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The investigations by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham into the alleged mistreatment of detainees by the CIA, which covered the experiences of more than 100 detainees, concluded that, not including the two fatal cases, "an expanded criminal investigation of the remaining matters is not warranted," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a press release. Beyond finding that the CIA officers acted "in good faith and within the scope of legal guidance" given them, in some instances, Durham found the detainees were never in CIA custody at all. PRS Guitar

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CIA Director Leon Panetta said had been informed of the Department's findings and he "welcomed" the news. Jackson Squier


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I mean, this case altered the landscape of international politics," said Mr. Miller. "You have to wonder what message this sends to the rest of the world about the U.S. criminal-justice system." dr dre beats

beats by dreSome lawyers noted the difficulty Mr. Vance and his office faced in the first hours and days after the alleged incident, when prosecutors had little to go on besides some forensic evidence, the alleged victim's initial report and indications that Mr. Strauss-Kahn was trying to flee the U.S. beats by dre

The question of bail came up immediately," said David Pitofsky, a criminal-defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor in New York. "The government had to act. I don't think it's fair to criticize anyone for not conducting a complete investigation in a matter of hours."Jdr dre headphone


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The spill forced the evacuation of more than 200 nearby residents after it was discovered Friday night, but they were allowed to return Saturday morning. Laurel rancher Lloyd Webber said the spill left a "pretty heavy" smell of oil hanging over the area Friday night as he and his wife left their home. beats by dre sale

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"We went to the Perkins in Billings and drank coffee for two or three hours, then went back," said Webber, who lives about a half-mile from the river.
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longchamp bagsThe announcement appears to have left the case on shaky ground, but Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said he is not ready to drop charges. longchamphandbags

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Prosecutors said on Friday their investigation is continuing, and that remains the case," Vance spokeswoman Erin Duggan told CNN. "No decisions have been made." longchamp purse

Meanwhile, Strauss-Kahn is facing separate accusations of attempted rape in France. longchamp sale



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Atypically for terrorist activities in this region, this particular attack seems to have specifically targeted foreigners. That, and a high level of coordination across multiple targets, points to a new level of sophistication for the local terrorists.

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The question of bail came up immediately," said David Pitofsky, a criminal-defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor in New York. "The government had to act. I don't think it's fair to criticize anyone for not conducting a complete investigation in a matter of hours.

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't be enough to propel it to new heights. The president's plan, which he will announce in a major speech next week, will be far less ambitious than the $825 billion stimulus of 2009, passed when the economy was still shrinking and when unemployment stood at 8

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