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June 29, 2008


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Successful small business Internet marketing is all about establishing relationships. Just as customers in your brick and mortar store have a chance to come in and get to know you, online customers need to be given the chance to learn more about what you do and to decide that they want to do business with you.numis network scam.thanks a lot for sharing this.

Blaine Brazzle's MLM Master Mind Marketing

Online Marketing and the convergence of Network Marketing or MLM businesses, with it was inevitable and a natural progression. It makes the sifting so much more efficient and using a marketing system (which is the funnel and the training of online marketing put together), weeds out everyone (or at least a good portion) who have no interest. Like MLM MasterMind Marketing
So your funnel diagram is fairly accurate and the basis of what people like myself do on a daily basis.

Kermit Wallace

There are so many tools available to online marketers now that make using the social media marketplace a completely viable option for funneling the right people into the right business and/or product. I've written a few pieces on my blog about this and offer some tools and learning resources as well.

Matt of Small Business Marketing Solutions

Community behavior is even a bigger issue with Google Caffeine. Small business marketing solutions have to change a bit to accommodate social media and activity on blogs and such. I think your model still holds up though...

mlm success

Nitin, love that funnel!
as the online social networks grow, the more there is to incoprate to your business model and funnel. the search engines all heading towards relevancy and being up to date to the minute, makes this new world, more faster paced than ever and keeping uyp will be the biggest challenge for all online amrketers.
matty patterson.

mlm home business

Got a good information about the online network funnel along withe diagram..

mlm network marketing

Thank you for explaining along with the diagram...


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The most important principles in online marketing has become known as the funnel. It is a way to describe the method by which a visitor becomes a client, via a series of decisions that they make whether to stay in the process or not.The Online Marketing Process From Lead Capture to One Time Offer.I have an product called amanation which saves electricity.


This article is very timely. I have spent the last year intensively studying Online Marketing and I am about to embark on my journey to put into motion what I have been studying. I will be creating a chronical of my results and will reveal and share the results through my website on www.marketing4successnow.com in the very near future. Which me luck and follow me through the joureny.

Lyle Crews

Thu Nguyen

I've just started list building and this is a timely article as Lyle said. It depicts a relatively understandable funnel which is still relevant now. Appreciate the share with us as it gives a better impression for those who are just starting out.


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Nike SB

Weblogs may be a quite marketable and very rewarding instrument if employed correctly. Profiting from blogs is just a matter of grabbing the interest of an audience and never performing any actual salesmen promoting.

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