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June 29, 2007



The combination of natural-language processing of the query and semantic knowledge of the content, means that Powerset can return fundamentally different results for the following two queries.

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Of course that is not a Google is very strong and is the best browser i recommend Google because it have the 70 % of all the indexed pages in the web .

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There’s certainly a gap between what serious people think and what Robert Peston thinks. Why is he the BBC’s Business Editor again? Anyone would think they didn’t want properly informed business commentary.

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Powerset can never come anywhere near to the class of google. Google is simply the best and will always remain the best.

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I believe Powerset’s scope is too limited, since it only searches in Wikipedia and Freebase. And from my understanding of their search engine, it can only search on site pages that incorporate meta-data tags of a specific syntax. Nevertheless, Powerset’s UI (User Interface) is impressive, on the contrary I think Google’s success has in part been to their simplicity.

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Once again, its not going to change the world, just another new thing.

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No, he'll be #7 for this season anyway. Depending on what position he plays most at, he'll have to change his number next season accordingly. If he's in most of his plays at QB, he can be any number from 1-19. If it's running back, he'll have to change to one from 20-49. If it's receiver, he could be 10-19 or 80-89.

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Best Of Marc Bolan & T-Rex 1972-1977 Vol.1, The (Import) (CD) - hope this is what you're looking for. Two disc set with Children of Ram on the second disc.

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In earlier years, sometimes players were even allowed to wear 0 or 00 however I don't believe it's still being used today not even in college football. Jim Otto Hall of Fame center for the Oakland Raiders wore 00 in the 1960's and 70's as an example and I haven't seen any player wear 0 or 00 since then.


Solo military jet demos, also known as tactical demos, feature one aircraft, usually a strike fighter or an advanced trainer.

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This is impressive! I mean page previews, real time suggestions. Now if it had those "click to see full image" ribbons :-/ I don't want scour an entire webpage for a bird!

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I don't know, but there was way too much hype about bing, and still is. Google > Bing.

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