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April 15, 2007


Niall Cook

Thanks for the write-up, Nitin - a great summary.

Re: user context - we completely agree. But rather than create yet another profile that employees have to keep up to date, we simply allow them to include a link to an existing one on their intranet (or even on the internet).

So if you want to find out more about someone, you just click on their name (assuming they have assigned a profile URL to their account).

PS. Although - as you say - Cogenz is most suitable for organizations up to around 2,000 people, larger companies can easily integrate social bookmarks into other systems (social or "traditional") using RSS and our REST API.

Vassil Mladjov

Blogtronix is focusing on the Enterprise 2.0 as a whole and offers blogs, wikis, RSS, Docs, and Social Networking.


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In any case, this type of service can provide tremendous benefits to an organization. It provides an immediate impact on personal productivity, by enabling employees or teams to save, organize and retrieve bookmarks in a systematic fashion - as the amount of information on the Web explodes, this is a critical capability in and of itself.

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