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February 09, 2007


Bart Stevens

The big challange for the current enterprise sofware providers is how to scale down the immense list of features they have today, and make it into something extremly easy to use. By doing so you make the barrier to entry lower, cheaper and with less risk. Once this taking of you can start with bronze, silver and gold subscription upgrades. But the hardest part is which features to skipp and which one not ... Very difficult ...
The company I work for is doing a similar exercise. If you are interested look at http://www.somethingiscooking.com/

Andy C

Nice writeup. I've always liked the idea of treating your internal groups like micro-companies. They need to be self sufficient and can take loans out against the great org. The greater org will provide basic services like an incubator, etc. Then your costs are marginalized, hopefully supported by well run business units and everyone can be responsible. If a business unit doesn't work out, you collapse the unit and re-appropriate the teams based again off some metrics.

If you raise the right culture then you're probably going to have more success than less and maybe it's all idealistic though..

In the end once people achieve success they (generally) don't like to change. You need to grow your overarching principles early or the next CEO will just march to the tune of the profit line and if not careful will kill any company for being too nearsighted. My mind goes back to the Southwest Airlines style examples.



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